A Visual Conversation: Paintings by Audrey Phillips


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A Peek Inside, 12 x 12 in., acrylic on board


Abstract rhythms, immediately felt, can serve as an expression of the inner self. Painter Robert Motherwell noted this in discussions of his work, as did other abstractionists who sought to move beyond referential notions of reality, focusing instead on the expansive possibilities of an interior world.

In the development of her oeuvre, Audrey Phillips has moved from beautifully dense color-field works to more open, spare, and simplified paintings. Her hand is apparent in all of her work, coupling energetic mark-making with spaciousness.

Her painting has evolved consistently out of a connection to nature and its quiet subtleties—ones we seldom spend time to notice or hold as important. We are guided to stop, breathe, and transcend our notions of the passing world with its drama and overarching need to be heard. Through an open-ended receptiveness, these paintings gift us with that which we so desperately crave: a universal and restful place that challenges the relevance of time.

Elegantly projected lines and marks overlap one another, creating a sense of depth and discourse with the void. Phillips often guides us to the edges of the pieces, transcending the boundaries of the picture plane, extending us into a larger realm of being—asking us to stretch. The pieces are engaging in their exploration of her language, one honed from many years of investigation and excavation.

—Katherine Duncan Aimone, ArtsWrite

(For more information about Audrey Phillips visit http://www.audreyphillips.com.)

A Pulse, A Dance, 12 x 12 in., acrylic on board


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