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A Visual Conversation: The Paintings of Dana Dion

For me painting is meditative. This is how I go into another world. I am awake, I am alert, yet completely absorbed in the act of painting…not thinking of anything else. —Dana Dion Dana Dion’s paintings reflect an intense exploration of the world and her subsequent quest for inner expression of that experience. The bold .. read more

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A Visual Conversation: The Paintings of Matthew Dibble

Too much thinking can be an obstacle for me when painting; the ‘judge’ always seems to get in the way. My connection can only be found in the moment, and I often come back to a sense of my feet on the floor while painting. During these moments some real work is possible…. As artists, .. read more

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A Visual Conversation: The Paintings of Alan Feltus

Journals, 2008, oil on canvas, 43 1/3 x 31 1/2 inches, © Alan Feltus, courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York, NY

Everything is possible in painting, subject to our abilities, of course. In art nothing is really new or untried. (There are variations or differences because no two of us are entirely alike. So in that sense, there are new things in art.) However, I believe that it is a mistake to try to make something .. read more

A Visual Conversation: Paintings by Audrey Phillips

    Abstract rhythms, immediately felt, can serve as an expression of the inner self. Painter Robert Motherwell noted this in discussions of his work, as did other abstractionists who sought to move beyond referential notions of reality, focusing instead on the expansive possibilities of an interior world. In the development of her oeuvre, Audrey .. read more

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A Visual Conversation: New Paintings by Beau Wild

Beau Wild is consistently on the move. Her peripatetic nature is reflected in her most recent abstract paintings, inviting us to partake of her expression of a road well traveled. Wild is a passionate journeyer and artist who has experienced a life filled with unexpected twists and turns, meandering byways, hairpin curves, gentle slopes, and .. read more

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A Visual Conversation: Paintings by Jay Zerbe

As long as I am around, I would like to make work that allows other artists to reflect on the past, the personal, and the advancement of visual thought. I think of painting as my life’s work/job…. My work evolves over time, and I follow the work… Somehow, your intellectual creative center moves forward, continuing .. read more

A Visual Conversation: Paintings by Margaret Glew

Fine arts writing about painter Margaret Glew

Only recently, I have let go of that part of me that self-edits. The part that says, ‘That’s too personal, I can’t let people see that about me.’ And, it’s not that I am not afraid, I am. It’s more of a ‘do-it-anyway’ kind of thing. When I think about my life and my work, .. read more